Human Ambiguity

What understand from women

Woman has been my main problem for at least 30 years because I thought I could not be alone and felt it necessary for my existence



Subjective analysis

taken from my romantic relationships


The role of women

in the life of man


From the age of 13 for at least 30 years the woman was an essential entity for my existence, even just spending a month as a single caused me problems of loneliness.

The fear of being alone led me to forge relationships with women never known and with characters very different from mine.


But the problem I argue insinuates itself precisely in this factor where opposites attract while equal characters tend to repel each other.

It follows that just when a woman resembled nothing of my character she became even more present in my thoughts

and the desire to attend it increased day by day.


So I found myself tied to people totally opposed to my mentality but the pull of the opposites was so strong that

I could not untie myself from the relationship as long as I was used by the woman with whom I related.

Although after about 2 years I managed to break the relationship in the last case it took me 6 years and I didn’t even notice how much time had passed.



When there is love


This is to make you understand how crucial is the character of the subjects who want to enter into a relationship with each other.

Like their psychological and physical condition; yes it is true: when there is love there is everything but usually what he loves is the only one who succumbs.

In fact there would be no need, in a sentimental relationship, to know if: there is or there is no love because,

if it hadn’t been there, the relationship wouldn’t exist.

But this does not mean that if there is love: one of the partners must cancel each other in order to please his partner or his partner; and if you want: this is my character.



The problems of the woman


Although from the new millennium it would seem that women also want to be so humble as to admit that they have desires and fantasies similar to men:

you must not forget that the woman has physical and psychological problems different from those of the man;

she has her menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, and when she reaches adulthood she enters menopause.

A child grows in his womb, weaning him, raising him, educating him and assisting him all phenomena that man does not know.

Nature of the human female which also involves a slight change in brain capacity due to the physical circumstances in which she will find herself.




The availability of a woman


As far as I’m concerned, I never found a woman available when I needed her and her love.

Besides never having found a woman who opened her legs because I wanted to; and it is here: that the ambiguity of rape leaves me perplexed.

But not only for sex I have never found free and sentimental availability, also for washing, ironing, preparing lunch.

Because life is unfortunately too expensive, fashion and well-being require sacrifice; therefore the woman feels oppressed and betrayed by the lack of financial availability.

Because she is looking for sentimental security and in an economic world: also economic security, which man must be able to offer without discussing.




Reaction to male jealousy


While the woman is very jealous, even if she manages not to prove it publicly: she does not admit that you can doubt her.

In fact: as soon as the women, with whom I had relationships, they noticed my jealousy: they took advantage of it to have

fun making fun of me, because the figure of a jealous man is that of an idiot.

If the woman wants to betray you: she can do it in front of you without you noticing anything, while your invented jealousies will destroy your brain.




The first desire of a woman


Although some women, whom I have known, hid a child’s desire for cultural or religious problems:

I understood that a woman’s first desire is to give birth, as long as she denies it or hides it.

Female choices due to the sense of motherhood that does not allow him to conceive in circumstances unsuitable for a child.




The freedom of a woman


The woman must be free as a man if she has not chosen to join him in a sentimental relationship based on monogamy and loyalty.

Because I noticed that the woman, married or engaged, in total freedom is subjugated by separate or single friends,

who cannot know the problems of a romantic relationship that does not belong to them.

In fact, I experienced this phenomenon personally: during my presence and my limitations the woman respected me:

when I left her free to make the choices she wanted, she began to disrespect me and end up in another’s arms and in her life.




What did I understand about women?


That woman: is the most beautiful and necessary living being in the whole cosmos, especially for a heterosexual man.

That it is necessary to respect them before thinking about them and avoid romantic relationships if you do not have the possibility to give them security and tranquility.

They too have moments in which fantasy and desire push them beyond the boundaries of reality as for the man who is passionately passionate about a lover.

With the substantial, subjective difference, that the man moves away but then returns while the woman: never returns.




The female mechanisms


I don’t know the sentimental mechanisms of a man because I never applied them but I know the female mechanisms very well

Which are put into practice when the woman wants to make the partner jealous or to obtain unattainable special resources.

Mechanisms that are not very different from those that we adopt as children to obtain toys or candies.

I was convinced of two romantic relationships with women who claimed they needed my presence

but after a few months, for their mechanism: it was I who needed to listen to their speeches, or: a woman claimed that I was her spiritual husband and that we had to unite in love.

But after my negative consideration of his esoteric arguments and my humble economy he shouted that I had proposed him an unworthy relationship.

And she was four years older than me.




I recommend to young musicians


Since I am a former amateur musician I know the female phenomenon in the musical group or also a friend of the group:

In order to avoid the total breakdown of the band, it is better to avoid mixing sentimental relationships, even if only of friendship, with the activities of the music band.

Except when the band is professional and enters into contracts where each musician expresses his professionalism and not his desire.

Maybe I will add content to this article but in this period I am single so I look forward to a new sentimental experience to complete it.

This article is only a subjective analysis taken from my romantic relationships





Never ask a woman if there is someone better than you because in 90% of cases she will answer that there is always someone better than us.

The new feminist mentality has torn woman’s role as mother and wife from becoming a political instrument.

Where the woman is convinced of obtaining something important but instead she has already lost her natural role as a mother and over time she will also totally lose that of a wife.

But the woman is what I like best

Maybe I will add content to this article but in this period I am single so I look forward to a new sentimental experience to complete it.