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What is the inevitable: the statement

What they will encounter, those who have associated conjectures and denied the authenticity of the revelation: their own intentions will be materialized



What is the inevitable

 the statement



In this economic world

you will not find anyone who warns you of the inevitable destiny of the one who associates

fantasies with the Most High and of those who deny the Quranic revelation.

Of the one who does not limit himself to denying and defaming the revelations previously transmitted

but pretends to replace the truth that descended on the Prophets.


Some ancient peoples were proud of their fantasies attributed to the truth but nothing exists of them anymore and their residences were reduced to dust.

Some were destroyed by natural cataclysms, others by the strength of men, but nothing remained of those people, even if just before: they enjoyed in lust.



A historical example

of this phenomenon is the ancient Egyptian people who were completely destroyed by opposing the truth of the prophets.

Without that any ancestor of that people remained because he did not love the truth and the uniqueness

of the Most High but invented and built divinities to dominate the people enslaved by the pharaohs.


Other peoples died out on planet Earth because of their pride and how they used their knowledge.

Even you who deny this speech are perfectly aware that one day you will receive the report as long as you insist on denying your unconscious recalls.


When we receive the book, written with our intentions, nobody will be able to delete it and we will be obliged to read it because there is no other one.

We will observe every moment of our existence on Earth and we will understand who we were and what we have generated in our current life.



What is the inevitable:

the statement



Then he who showed off himself

and denied the report will have to accept that he has lost everything and even himself.

In addition to having precluded an upcoming better life than this due to the lack of important information

that can only be understood and memorized in this current life.


That day he will understand that his conjectures were worthless and that all his treasures remained in another life

This will be the torment of those who deny what is obvious: they will not accept having made a mistake and as children they will begin to act up to get what they want


But unfortunately they were not ordered to make of life what they wanted and to replace the truth with a lie.

Then they will be forced to accept their new circumstance in which they will receive what their intentions have generated.



The inevitable is the day

when we all begin to judge our past and we are forced to accept it for what we have produced.

For this reason it is important to achieve a mental balance that allows you to express the most appropriate intentions: to prepare your future and your next life.


Unlike animals that have preferred not to take responsibility for the knowledge of good and evil:

the man chose it obtaining it but then turned his back and denied the choice, but together with the knowledge, the Most High:

he also gave self-control, to the human species, and with this quality: man is totally responsible for his intentions and actions.

For this he will meet the inevitable: the materialization of his true intentions


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