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What generates Anger

Acceleration of heart rate, hyper perspiration, increased blood pressure and muscle tension: these are reactions due to moments of anger


What generates



In addition to indicating a disease of animal origin, the word: anger indicates a violent excitement of the angry subject due to controversy and failure to fulfill expectations.

The mental phenomenon in which you are irritated by what you cannot achieve or during a reflection in which you find yourself guilty of your destiny:

anger is also mentioned: violent irritation due to multiple setbacks on an existential or verbal level with a man or a woman.



Anger also arises from an unfulfilled

expectation in which the subject was strongly deluded to satisfy her.

I feel angry thinking about the possibilities left to the wind by hasty and reckless choices that I could have avoided.


Even jealousy caused me a violent irritation in adolescence, but then I got used to accepting reality.

There are two distinct forms of Rabies, one is adaptive and another is pathological and maladaptive.


In most cases:

we find ourselves in the presence of adaptive anger that can be positive for the subject if he manages to channel himself into an activity alternative to the unfulfilled one that causes irritation.

Pathological and maladaptive anger generates malaise in the subject and marginalizes him from social relations and can convince him to damage himself, others and his surroundings.



What generates



At times, anger: it can manifest

itself by running in the car or violently breaking one’s own objects, or shouting aloud against those with whom we are angry.

The best solution is always to channel all our will into an activity that allows us to satisfy our character




To avoid wasting time in discussions

or jitters that are harmful to ourselves and others; and exploit information born of controversy to improve the observation of reality.

Avoiding, in this way, to live in our beliefs in a diving suit; but considering every phenomenon of existence.


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