Human Ambiguity

Planet Earth? Houtson Can you hear me?

Since you were born on this planet they teach you that it has the name of Earth and that you are in the solar system located in the Milky Way, but are you sure? Who confirms?



Planet Earth? Houtson Can you hear me?

Ambiguous theory

For people who live in ambiguity and are ambiguously concerned about being on a flat rather than round Earth.

In an article titled “How to Consider Planet Earth”:

I wrote that it could be considered both flat and round because its shape depends on the observation point of the planet.

But a doubt arises: on which Earth are we?

First of all we must consider that the planet, on which we live, is covered for about 70% of water therefore: the name Earth is already very ambiguous.

In addition we have a natural satellite that slowly moves away from the Earth’s orbit that rotates vertically from the observation made by the planet;

and consequently: it does not allow us to observe the other side of the Moon because it is always in the shade and never exposed to the Sun.

From a valley the planet seems conical, on a plain it appears flat, from space it is a sphere for quantum physics: it is only mathematics of the particles that form matter.

But only astronauts go to space, quantum physics is studied only by scientists: who takes responsibility for confirming that we are on Earth?



Ambiguous personal experience

In some moments of my life I have noticed events that would lead to doubt that this is the planet Earth with its physical laws and its structure

taught in schools, written in books and now also published on the web

In fact I tried to exploit the force of gravity thinking the planet Earth similar to a funnel in which everything is attached,

by centrifugal force and by the rippling of space-time caused by the mass of the planet, on the walls of the conical structure.

Trying to travel the inaccessible areas of my very steep hills I found that to easily overcome the force of gravity:

an appropriate angle is required with respect to the angle of ascent.

If you imagine you are on the walls of a funnel

that rotates on itself and tilts your vertical position with respect to the angle of ascent

you will notice that it is the planet that allows you to go up because you are using its centrifugal force.

Of course you have to focus on the different observation of the planet you walk on, that is: instead of thinking of being on the surfaces of a globe,

whose gravity determines your stability on the ground:

you will concentrate observing it as a conical structure in which your stability depends on the centrifugal force that keeps you attached to the walls of the funnel.



A phenomenon that would confirm my theory

It consists of throwing the lasso, as an American cowboy, to reach the top of a tree instead of a bull.

I have used this method many times to give the direction of fall to the trees I wanted to cut; and what did I find out?

That also in this case, if I want to reach a height of at least 12 meters with a weight of 500 grams, in order to launch and center the target in height

I need to support the centrifugal force phenomenon and prepare my position and launch itself with this method.

As if it were on the walls of a funnel that rotates in itself and on which everything is stabilized by centrifugal force

But what is gravity for in my theory?

Keep in mind that I am only one meter sixty-five centimeters tall so I have arms related to the body.

The force of gravity has not vanished into thin air, do not worry it has certainly not been replaced by centrifugal force.

The gravitational interaction of the Earth’s core that generates the funnel in the space-time matter of the universe:

it serves not to be thrown by the centrifugal force drifting in space;

but all that is on the walls of the deformation of matter space-time (cosmic void generated by the particle: Higgs boson):

It remains in that position thanks to the gravitational force and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the core and the walls of the funnel.

If we were in contact with the nucleus we would perhaps be crushed and amalgamated with its mass as in a black hole.

It follows that with this ambiguous theory for ambiguously ambiguous people I can also reconfirm that the surface on which we walk

it could be totally flat, or round or as my experiments would confirm: with a conical structure similar to a funnel.


But are we sure it’s Earth?

This is the most serious paragraph of the whole article

The planet on which the human species lives has been named with the name of Earth which derives from the Latin Tersa which means dry arid, as in the Indo-European language: Tars; and Trsyami in Sanskrit (2nd millennium BC language)

It is the largest by mass and diameter of the terrestrial planets belonging to the solar system, the third planet in order of distance from the sun.

Science claims both the birthplace of humans and all species of living beings.

Perhaps it was the Sumerians (People of Mesopotamia who started the civilization, whose origins are however still unknown)

Perhaps, one day not far away, beings from another galaxy will come to inform us better about our situation and the position inherent in our considerations.

Maybe we will never find out where we lived our lives, in my opinion it could be a giant spaceship built with ancient systems.

Even the aliens do not know exactly their position in the cosmos and nobody can exceed a certain observation limit.

But all this, occasionally, allows you to dream because we are all in the same cosmic sea.

Despite the perplexity that may have arisen in this article, remember that you are in ambiguous humanity where all this seeks: here it is.