Human Ambiguity

Nibiru: Conflict in space

The space cargo ship returns to Nibbur station: AnKi tries to find out where the asteroid comes from while Udug prepares a new mission


Nibiru: Conflict in space


General Anki and Etana attempt to understand the origin of the asteroid due to a doubt related to the presence of Utukku in the solar system.

In fact other Udug spaceships could be hidden on a much larger asteroid and Utukku technology could make it invisible.

AnKi) We have a general problem Etana; that asteroid should belong to a much larger one, has an orbit similar to asteroid 86039 (1999 NC 43)

Etana) I thought it belonged to the asteroid 2012 DA 14 that is passing near the planet Earth

AnKI) No General; this is confirmed by the orbit of this asteroid of about 50 meters, colliding with the Earth: it belongs to another about 2 kilometers in diameter: code: 86039 (1999 NC 43)

AnKI) There is the possibility that Utukku space ships are hidden on that asteroid; activate all the sensors; we must find out!

Etana) Sensors activated, scan start, I send the data directly to his desktop

AnKi) Ok I start the data analysis its intersection orbit with the minimum terrestrial orbit is:

about 3 640 000 kilometers away; it has an eccentric orbit and is about two kilometers in diameter, an asteroid belonging to the Apollo group.


Etana) Does it detect the presence of spaceships?

Anki) I have the impression that the commander Udug is not alone, Yes! There are four more space shuttles on that asteroid!

Call the commander I want explanations!

Etana) Commander Udug General AnKi wants to ask you some questions

Udug) Miss Etana available, what’s the problem?

Anki) I would like to know his intentions, I have just intercepted his space shuttles on NC 43

Udug) Now, general, we don’t have much time to discuss, if I don’t get off the asteroid I’ll be fried in the atmosphere of the Earth

Anki) Yes Unhook and leave immediately or we should fight it!

Udug) Ready to release: 4, 3, 2, 1, release occurred, now we are two to save their species from extinction.

Etana) These were not the agreements

Udug) But what agreements ?! Have you still not understood the Utukku mentality?




Conflict in space



While Udug starts launching laser shots at the Nibbur Main Source station:

on 15 February 2013 the asteroid plummets towards the planet, launching itself on the region south of the Urals in Russia at 9.13 local hours in Celjabinsk

Reaching the Earth with still 15 meters of diameter and a mass of 10 000 tons with an explosion occurred about 50 kilometers from the ground.

The radar devices did not detect its entry into the atmosphere and traveled about 30 kilometers per second.

Hitting the atmosphere at the speed of about 54,000 kilometers per hour, about 1000 people were injured, two of which were seriously injured by the shock wave and some fragments and splinters.




Conflict in space


Anki) Activate the protective shields and aim the laser beam!

Etana) Protective shields activated laser beam ready

AnKi) You should move away Udug commander otherwise the terrestrial atmosphere will fry me!

Udug) What an ugly character you anunnaki have, I’ll go back to provisions be cordial or go down to Earth to reveal to humans what you’ve done to them. We understood each other?

Etana) What does General want? Should I shoot it down?

AnKi) No! Let it go, we’re not ready to face the other spaceships if they attack us now we’re doomed, Udug will take over the Earth.

Etana) In this way humans will have to work twice as hard to produce what is needed, the spaceships start to be many in the solar system

AnKi) As we have come this far so they too had the chance so we cannot refuse their presence.

Etana) Didn’t consider only females as sensitive? General?

AnKi) NO is not the sensitivity but the awareness of the cosmic probabilities of the Universe that forces me to make this decision.

Etana) Who knows? What fate awaits us now?

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