Human Ambiguity

Nibiru: Anki’s Empire in the new era

After the transformation of Homo species: the Empire, under command of AnKi: he succeeded in obtaining the aid of humans

Nibiru: Anki’s Empire

in the new era


By now the Homo species is totally different from the one AnKi: has found on planet Earth; humanity does not even remember its nature.

Man has gone beyond the boundaries of his reality, so much so that almost no human being could return to his jungle origins.

The Homo species no longer has the culture, nor the knowledge to deal with the environment in which it was born, while some animals of the earth have become extinct:

those remaining have adapted to the planet’s climate changes, but man has not done the same.


It has shut itself up in air-conditioned houses and offices that heat up when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot; great comfort though:

does not allow the human physicist to adapt to these changes, weakening his body in contact with external agents.

Even if humanity has multiplied over the course of a short time, this phenomenon does not exclude its sudden extinction.

Because the specimens of the human species have become accustomed to obtaining sustenance through the energy produced on the planet.


Manual jobs are forgotten because replaced by computer technology, consequently: if electricity, transport and health were missing:

many specimens of the species would die of hunger, disease and cold or too hot, perhaps the Alien experiment also saved the homo species, as well as the Anunnaki species.

Perhaps they would be extinct like other animals and if they were not civilized and industrialized: they would have suffered from hunger.

But the reality is still positive: the average time of human life has risen to about 80 years of age, while a few millennia ago: it was just 30 or 40 years old.

Many diseases are treated in hospitals, while in the jungle: either healed or died; at any age even just for one flu.

By carefully observing the alien experiment, carried out by AnKI, on humans: you could evaluate the advantage not only for the aliens but also for the terrestrials.

Nibiru: Anki’s Empire

in the new era



Finally, man manages to go into space and build space stations; of which humans: they will never know the truth.

These buildings in space house alien specimens of the Anunnaki species and terrestrial scientists who work:

collaborating in the new AnKI project to save its new species genetically crossed with the Homo species.

As the analyzes of the emperor of Nibbur (Nibiru) inherent to the terrestrial globe: they foresee a critical change

of the climate, which could cause huge flooding by covering a large percentage of the land.


For AnKi: we need to find a new arrangement for the human species, no longer just terrestrial but also a bit alien.

In addition to discovering the presence of exos planets, too far from the solar system to be reached, AnKi understands that there may be a possibility not very far from the Earth:

This possibility consists in being able to bring life to the planet Mars, to be able to colonize it and make it habitable for the new species.

Some men from an Earth space agency: have sent space shuttles to patrol the space.

In search of the existence of life beyond the Earth and the solar system, but no one knows anything about humans;

in fact many specimens have disappeared from the planet due to unknown causes, or due to serious unverifiable accidents.


Not to awaken the public opinion related to space travel and not to intrigue, too, some super powers.

Many pioneers were launched into space and never returned to the launch base; and they are traveling and working by order of AnKi, and the salvation of the species.

We are in the 21st century AD of the human and alien hybrid species; if you have the impression that you are also a bit alien: don’t worry about it; that’s it.


Nibiru: Anki’s Empire

in the new era


Someone carefully observes the alien experiment; it is the AnKi ambassador who is in charge of: transmitting all the results to the empire.

To communicate to those who live on Earth the existence of an alien presence in their lives, to accept this reality and collaborate for their salvation.

Unfortunately, on Earth: even ufologists doubt the presence of the AnKI ambassador but this is a normal terrestrial phenomenon.

In addition to considering that this: it is a Science & Fiction legend.