Human Ambiguity

Knowledge: the next step

After the first event that made the human species understand what was good and what was bad: he had to self-control and who did not control ended badly-The knowledge of good and evil 2nd part



The next step

So I wonder: what is good and bad?


If controlling yourself might seem like a psychological block: it would be judged badly, while if you don’t control yourself: you end badly.

As you can see, it is only an ancient human invention to safeguard the species from extinction because otherwise it could not have used fire and it could extinguish it.

If he did not recognize the cold, he could still die out as in the heat; in the same way it was to impose a brake on mutual violence and incest.

Because both phenomena could put the human species at risk from its evolution, everything due to the basic program of the human brain.



Program or database that over time

of human evolution has acquired multiple information and over the millions of years:

he elaborated and divided into categories all the phenomena that he memorized, translated into electrochemical stimuli that started from the five senses and reached the brain of the human species.

So the human species could not deny itself that some phenomena had to be considered negative and others positive, simply to safeguard the species.




For animals this responsibility does not exist

because they were not created with the physical and intellectual abilities to be able to live the experiences of the human species.

They have no hands, they do not speak, they observe with another type of view that does not allow us to see what man sees, they do not memorize experiences unless they are habitual.

Therefore they cannot process the information received from each experience and cannot invent anything.

Their violence is used for defense, to feed themselves and puppies, for hunger and reaction to fear or pain.




While man applies reasoning

on violent intention and uses this tool even if only to flaunt himself or his power.

Because it has the physical skills to be able to put it into practice and the use of intellectual expression which is also linked to the main fears of the human species such as physical violence:

which consist of: fear of poverty, loneliness and death; that at the beginning of the times of the human species were: hunger, the predator and the life which, the human specimens, did not know what it was.

I think a reason that generated a lot of violence, among the first specimens of the human species, was related to jealousy or instinct of possession,

as it happens for some animals still today.

This phenomenon forced the species to reason for a solution; and therefore decided to impose rules

which became the first law of man and for some the law of the Most High.



Because the human species did not know

anything; apart from what had been included in his DNA and allowed him to face the climate, hunger and predators.

Anyone who managed to solve this problem would inevitably have been considered superior to all the others who could not understand.

As indeed: it still happens in the world today; if a politician finds advantageous solutions for the people: he elects him as president.

But suddenly: rebel communities were born, according to the rules of man, and therefore other types of violence were generated: crime and judicial execution.

In addition to multiple forms of racism, as I have also noticed in our times, they cannot just let off steam for public safety; that today is present almost everywhere.




But the human species did not surrender

to these anti-humanity phenomena that seriously threatened to put the whole species at risk.

In fact, sexual intercourse with incest continued to multiply and due to genetic problems the specimens weakened from generation to generation, even becoming mad.

Homosexual relationships

have, in my opinion, always existed since the birth of the species as for other animal species.

So the sexual problem was very serious and was, in fact, assessed by the human brain which it self-imposed to avoid

such sexual relations of an incestuous or dangerous nature.




It was the emigration of African predecessors

of Homo Sapiens in Asia and Europe which interrupted the incest phenomenon and allowed the human species to evolve into Sapiens.

Because the new mating allowed the birth of specimens with a different DNA and this phenomenon stimulated both species to strengthen.

In addition: the memorized experiences, from both species, were added to the DNA of the new specimens; and this allowed a remarkable leap forward for its evolution.




The increase in the human population

imposed other rules that distinguished what was right or wrong for the whole species.

The human species understood that his reasoning and his mental visions belonged to a world parallel to the physical one.

He began to believe in invisible entities that inspired these arguments and solutions that they put into practice: they solved physical and mental problems.

Unfortunately: this new consideration of ideas, which arose in man’s mind, was not considered

as a natural quality; which connects you with the collective memory and singularity of the Most High.

But many gave vent to the imagination generated, perhaps, by substances they did not even know contained in what they ate.

And also in this case the human mind reasoned about the phenomenon and decided what was better to eat and drink.

Famines began to be considered curses of some invisible entity; but some men, from abstinence to food for a few days:

they noticed that the body rejuvenated, regained strength and thus was born: fasting.





… but about six thousand years ago

(4000 A. Cristo)

On the coast of Mesopotamia a different people landed, from those that the Homo sapiens had noticed until then.

A people: still today of unknown origins

The Sumerians; perhaps they came from an Earth continent

in which a longer evolution of the species had occurred; and that researchers haven’t found yet.

Or maybe as I claim in the science fiction legend Nibiru: the Anki Empire:

it may have been an alien people who came to the planet to save their species from extinction.

This unknown people taught the homo sapiens of Mesopotamia what they did not yet know.




They educated them to civilian life

and built the first empire cities.

Many specimens of the human species were influenced by this culture and technological skills that simplified and helped man’s life.

Some men considered the leaders of this people: gods to worship; but when the cataclysm came, it covered most of the land:

The human species: claimed responsibility for those divinities that it had, imaginatively, adored and therefore:

that of the Sumerians; subsequently of the Babylonians: which became a cursed culture by all the peoples of the Earth:

the culture of 666; because the Sumerians used the sexagesimal system for all their measurements and calculations.

Sexagesimal culture was named: 666 by Pythagoras who chose the use of the decimal system for its ease and in contrast to the Babylonian culture.

Strengthening the number 60, used in all Sumerian operations: with the symbol 666; in fact, the sexagesimal system is more complicated

because it needs a reference table to do the divisions.




Survivors of the species

After the cataclysm, a man tried to retrieve the information left by the Sumerians and collected all the tables he found.

He joined a group of men and moved with them from that disaster area; his name was Eber: beyond.

Unfortunately, this information was incomplete because, to a large extent, it was destroyed during the flood; but Eber,

with that information: he led a people who became the most powerful in the world.

Eber’s children inherited that information and led two other peoples and so did their children and the children of their children.

While: ignorance reigned supreme among popular culture; who transformed the culture cursed by Pythagoras:

666 in the religion of evil which became Satanism a little later.

This theory, in two parts:

it is an interpretation of the period preceding and following the Gilgames Epic that continues the work of the Dawn of the Archons.

If you want to read my science fiction version: visit the science fiction page and read the articles in the category: Nibiru The Empire of Anki





What is Satanism

it is that culture which expresses the intention of harming others to provoke a greater emotional quid during the cult of satan.

The Satanist subject expresses a total contempt for what is beneficial to others; and seeks luck through the occult practices of Satanism.

In order to be consistent with the adoration expressed to Satan, those who adhere to this religion are required to intentionally perform:

gestures of contempt and malice towards any individual, up to the sacrifice of the same.

Attending individuals with this culture can become risky because they do not have the consideration of:

humanity; the children of Satan, the companions of the fire and composed of it, are believed to be able to understand them and practically impossible as, least of all: trusting.

In addition, the adepts: they also use drugs, during their rites or in private life, therefore they become unpredictable.

Do not confuse these people with those who love culture and know them too; I have met, in my past, subjects:

who despised every event and full of indifference that tended to express a satanist culture

but I preferred to move away so as not to risk being harmed by their indifference more than by those they adored.



What did you say to those people?

No to them I didn’t say anything I turned directly to Satanasso and I said to him:

Are you still here?!!





Then Satan turns and makes me:

Look nice: I’m working!

And I have been speaking like this since I was born;

you have already asked me and I answered you !!!

Can’t you see these stunned you ride with ?!

These are mine … LET ME WORK !!!

You can’t be here, don’t you remember ???

GET OUT!!! Or I’ll take you too

And then nothing: I said goodbye and went elsewhere; I instill work: it is always work: it must be respected.