Human Ambiguity

Knowledge of good and evil

During the evolution of the human species, man became aware of what is good and what is bad, but this resulted in an important phenomenon



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Knowledge of good and evil

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From the reading of Genesis contained in the old biblical testament it seems that humanity’s most serious mistake was deciding to distinguish between good and evil.

Very difficult intention because on planet Earth what is good for some is not good for others and vice versa.


While reading Genesis, you find verses that appear ambiguous; because, as you can see: the knowledge of good and evil has allowed man to evolve intellectually.

While for the animals, which refused it, there is no intellectual evolution except in some repeated gestures because they are contained in the animal’s memory.


Although it has appeared from experiments that a forced induction, in some specimens, of information for learning: can generate a mass evolution of the whole species.

But if that’s the case then I should close the bible and throw it in the trash because I’m trying to get to know it.


So, right from the genesis, it seems to me that: let’s start very well, this is the first obstacle to continue studying.

I know the Catholic version which claims that it was only out of disobedience that we made a serious mistake.





If those who created us had not wanted


make ourselves disobedient we will not be as we are, therefore: as you see the whole legend does not make any sense.

Because it was precisely that choice that allowed us to become civilians otherwise we would still live in the animal world instead of the social one.

Even technologies and medicine could not be invented because animals do not go to the pharmacy, even if today man brings them to us to allow the industry to be active.

They don’t even use the car or need the supermarket, they don’t need a mobile phone or a PC.





What did knowledge grant?


The knowledge of good and evil is not enough to observe it from a material or sentimental point of view, it is necessary to go into the depth of the phenomenon.

Of course: as animals of the Earth without any knowledge that could judge events: we lived in an earthly paradise.


The same place where animals still live today even if they are at your house, in fact they eat, drink,

they sleep, without making any effort; and with the technology of humans they do not even suffer from heat or cold; call me hell?


It does not even occur to him that you have done him good or bad if they feel the pain react accordingly

if they don’t feel anything they sleep or walk wagging their tails of contentment, even if they don’t know what it is, as far as dogs are concerned.


In fact, a hen does not wag her tail but sings in pain when the egg comes out, although unfortunately: she also doesn’t know what it is.

Unless the egg is fertilized: then the hen instinctively knows that she must hatch it and defend the newborn, but certainly not out of love or feeling.





Try to understand the difference


between recognizing a phenomenon as for humans or not knowing it as an animal

if not as a natural biological process that no one asks about.

For this reason it would be an earthly paradise if no one had the knowledge because everything would normally happen without anyone posing the problem.

What is right or wrong, what happens, forces you to change your mood and to be sad or angry happy or nervous relaxed or tense.

According to the information you received and stored during your life of knowledge, while to an animal

that something tragic, right, wrong or fantastic happens: nothing changes.

It may seem to you that a dog loves you because it follows you everywhere and wags your mouth open because it is hungry; but for him:

it’s just hungry and you’re just the food or the one who can get it.

If tomorrow I were no longer present: he would not cry, but would look for another servant or go looking for food alone.





factually: this is paradise


A place where there is no judgment and everything happens naturally under everyone’s eyes but without anyone being scandalized by anything.

Sounds absurd and imaginative, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately this is true if the brain contains information to which the specimen has given a name which, interpreted, can indicate a benevolent and a malignant phenomenon:

automatically the brain experiences emotions that it can now define as pain or well-being, right or wrong, good or bad.

All this leads me to think that it was human beings who decided to name everything and every event and this is perhaps what allowed him to leave the animal world.

That was a shame for some, as for the older generations who saw their papers leave for the cities

during the first industrial revolution to work in the factory leaving the countryside uncultivated and neglected.




In the depth of the knowledge phenomenon


We go down into the depths of the abysses to better understand the phenomenon

The human species, since she began to know but above all to judge, what: it was good or bad for her:

she was excluded from the animal kingdom because she now judges while animals don’t.

In fact it happens that among animals, man has become the coward who defends himself with odd weapons when he is in contact with the dangers of nature.

For this reason, he may have been driven out of that kingdom with contempt and may never return to it for his cowardice towards the animals that inhabit it.

When an animal is hungry: it eats a prey and if it is a man, to whom this fate falls, he can defend himself with weapons while another animal cannot.

As I wrote in the article, there would be no fault: neither for the animal nor for the man; if he was hungry: to kill a beast.

But unfortunately the knowledge of good and evil considers the animal to be killed because violent and the man to be saved because it is cowardly.




We go even deeper

The knowledge of good and evil and the ability to judge them has triggered in the human brain a process that I could call: virtual.

Because only electro-chemical impulses generated by the five senses and by the judgment of the subject that processes this information arrive at the brain level.

It follows that the brain is similar to a computer that continually calculates the impulses received, processes them,

it stores them in the short-term memory and unloads them, during sleep, in the long-term one.

This would confirm to me that the knowledge of good and evil was the spark that triggered the knowledge of all the other combinations:

Right and unfair, Freedom and imprisonment, health and disease, medicine and poison, hot and cold, anode and cathode, positive and negative, one and zero, on and off, and all that:

that this information has produced in the course of human evolution.

Combinations that I can consider: the first categories and sub categories of the human brain.




Where did the human being go?


The human being has decided to evolve intellectually despite this: it has caused considerable damage to his psychology.

But not only that: his body refused the physical evolution of the animals so this could extinguish it if the civilization in which he lives lacked energy to save him.

Even if he tried to return to the animal kingdom he would be, without weapons and energy, only a prey, not only of other animals, bigger:

but of all the insects and snakes that he no longer knows as the natural remedies that exist in the forest.

He would no longer find the necessary food because he forgot: what nature contains for the human species and therefore: he could poison himself even just by eating.

Thus becoming an alien on the planet as animals continue their evolution in the animal kingdom.

Those who survive the extinction will be those species that will be adapted to all climate change.

While man changes the temperature at the thermostat until he has energy to do it.

What do you notice from these considerations?

I have noticed that the difference between animal life and that of the human species is more distant than the depths of an abyss by now.

But neither would I change my life with that of an animal as long as it understands that it is no longer in paradise.

I put this article in the science fiction category because I wanted to humanly interpret some verses from the Bible

that personally: I do not allow myself to replace as those who are responsible for it do.





The beginning of the knowledge of good and evil


I asked myself several times what was the first phenomenon that gave rise to this knowledge and I believe it lies in the first voluntary murder carried out out of jealousy.

In the biblical account of the murder of Abel by the hand of Cain I note that the psychology of the murderer is lacking.


He does not feel ashamed, flees, does not hide the body and leaves it in the same way as animals and atmospheric agents.

Just because the father Adam esteems him more than Cain and therefore he feels scorned and oppressed by this behavior.


I believe that the reaction of Cain and Abel’s parents was very violent and from this moment on they decided that what had happened was: bad.

Also for the maternal or paternal sense of Adam and Eve that, however, even animals have instincts.


The phenomenon that distorted the psychology of Adam and Eve was to observe the death that they did not yet know because at the beginning of creation, of the human species:

no human could have died. Humans did not yet exist; they were the first; even though I no longer consider biblical times

because science has shown that millions of years have passed since the birth of man.


Cain’s death began the consideration of the dead or alive and of violence and goodness, which in the course of evolution became: the civilized world.

In fact, a small child does not know what death is, I have often listened to their questions about it for their curiosity.


I believe that humans, at the beginning of time, killed each other if only out of curiosity and hurt themselves because

they did not know what blood was and this intrigued them.

Perhaps it was this curiosity that stimulated the species to change its attitude and recognize that by damaging a living being you can cause its death.

From this observation man understood what good and evil was.




What remains ambiguous?


Now: you would like to return to the surface, I understand you, but you wanted to know what is good and bad, so now: you have been driven out of the animal kingdom.

It remains ambiguous: that in order to know it is necessary to appreciate evil and consider it right because only by scrupulously observing it:

teaches you to be a civilized and intelligent human being.

In addition to allowing the human species to improve and simplify its existence; even if, in the last centuries: humanity

he put his life in the hands of the economy which partially ruined his character and his psychology.

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