Human Ambiguity

If Nibiru was Earth

What if planet Earth was Nibiru? A doubt suddenly assails me: the ghost planet is under our feet but they told you it is Earth



The ghost has appeared


We remain for some time in the ambiguous humanity category because a science fiction doubt arises suddenly but not too much.

If the planet X Nibiru was under your feet maybe that’s why you don’t see it, but they taught you it’s called Earth so how can you deny the appearance?

I am aware that from the theoretical studies of physical stars the planet Earth may have been devoured, in a collision, by a much larger planet.

A few billion years ago long before the historical knowledge we have of the planet.

This could already be an element that could indicate the passage of the Planet Nibiru in the solar system.

But instead of elaborating theories far from our reality, I would like to focus my considerations on the planet that has been named Earth.

From studies related to religions

and in the history of humanity I found that the human species had a past that has remained unknown.

In fact, it would seem that before the flood, which covered the earth’s crust (between 5000 and 7000 years ago), human populations lived with a certain well-being that was ostentatious.

Connecting to the Gilgames epic

and at the dawn of the archons I discover that, in legend, the cataclysm occurred. precisely, for the ostentation of well-being and the betrayal of humans

towards the first adored divinity who had granted knowledge and technology to the human species.

Divinity that was later considered demonic, by the survivors, because it had not saved the traitors from the flood.

But about 6000 years ago the Sumerians arrived from the sea: people of unknown origins who lived in Mesopotamia and built the first Empire cities.

They were considered the Lords of civilization and taught man what he did not know by educating him in civilian life.




Who are the Sumerians?


A people of unknown origins that came from the sea:

therefore if they had been aliens they could have landed in the ocean and sailed up the Red Sea to reach the coast of Mesopotamia.

But the doubt arises of the alien knowledge inherent in the physical laws of the planet in order to face an entry into the atmosphere and ditching

in an area totally unknown to extraterrestrials.

It follows that the Sumerians could have been an intelligent species that lived in an unknown area of ​​the Earth, or Nibiru as I speculate.

A much more intelligent and ancient species of humans, present in Mesopotamia about 6000 years ago.


like the Europeans when they reached the indigenous peoples of Central America; while in the West of the continent there was already a form of black capitalism.

As you can see, the Spaniards also considered the Amerindians (American indigenous population) to be homunculi

but not far from the area discovered by Colombo or Vespucci, there was already an evolved civilization.




Why would Earth be Nibiru?

Because the Sumerians owned engravings that represented unknown spaceships and technologies that were speculated of Anunnaki alien origin.

But I believe those engravings were of their ancestors who passed on unknown knowledge to other living species on the planet.

Perhaps it was precisely because of Anunnaki technology that a cataclysm of global proportions developed.

And that’s why the Moon started to move away from the Earth’s orbit of 3.8 centimeters per year thus triggering a clockwork device.




If the Earth were Nibiru?

The planet you walk on could be Nibiru because very different peoples inhabit it and among them there are specimens that could be aliens.

In fact, it has never occurred to the common specimen, Homo, to launch into space, except those who want to return to space.

Those who, in fact, have returned to space.

Even if it exalts you to see a spaceship or an astronaut start floating in space;

if you are human: going to space will only come to your mind after a good science fiction film, but afterwards you will come back with your feet on Nibiru

or if you prefer: the Earth covered by about 70% water.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that nobody: has ever seen Nibiru.