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How to unlock the blog menu-WP

It may happen that in the menu editing operation you block the phenomenon application that I solved by going to the showcase and choosing: Look>menu



How to unlock

the blog menu



While editing the blog menu I made a mistake adding the same category multiple times.

With the consequence of a block of the application that allows the modification of the menu from the desktop and the publication of an incorrect and confused menu.


to solve the problem I had to intervene on the website showcase, go to “appearance” and choose “Menu”

Entering the menu settings page I deleted the one that contained errors and created a new one.


Clicking on creates a new menu and adding the desired pages from the table on the left of the menu setting page.

I noticed that the simplicity of the site is one of the first features that allows visitors to consult it by easily navigating through the pages of the blog.


Adding other categories to the main pages can be done by adding the links within the page description.

Which allows the site to be visited even if the categories presented are not of specific interest while the presentation of all the content of the site

at the visitor’s ready disposal, he could lose interest in it and take away his curiosity to visit it.


After a very tiring night I managed a valid solution personally tested to repair the problem

page block to change the desktop menu by going to the showcase and choosing the item appearance and clicking menu.

In the hope of helping you, I thank you for the visit.


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