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How to reactivate Asus ringtones

My Asus Zenfone Max pro did not reproduce the alarm and call ringtones but by disabling some settings I fixed the problem


How to reactivate

the Asus Zenfone ringtones

Max Pro

I was desperate for the failure of the alarm ringtones and calls of my Asus Zenfone Max pro smartphone

But after consulting some articles and driving the phone I was left with no solution, which led me to think that the smartphone was broken.


I have repeatedly checked the volumes of all the media and all the ringtones both in call and in notification or alarm.

Also the settings were correct and the vibration deactivated with the maximum ring tone volume; but nothing was reproduced.


The listening was null both during the call and in the notification and also the alarm clock did not wake anyone.

To solve the problem I had to empty the cache of all the applications, disable the connection with spotify and the alarms of the alarms and the call.


Make sure you have closed all applications especially the spotify application that can be activated

also through the headphone button which for the priority given to the app: could eliminate the ringtone sound.

Once the previous operations of checking all the settings and the ones listed above are completed, you must restart the smartphone.


Probably this operation to reactivate the sounds works on all the models of smartphones on the market.

But I could see its usefulness only through Asus Zenfone Max Pro


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