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How to consider the planet Earth

Although you are aware of the physical form of the planet Earth and there are also imaginative hypotheses that consider it flat


Round or flat Earth?


How to consider Earth


Physics and Astrophysics have found that the planet Earth is an irregular sphere that rotates on itself and travels an orbit in 365 days around the sun.

In orbit around the sun: a cause of the ripple in space-time matter caused by the mass of the sun that generates a gravitation field in which the planets that make up the solar system orbit.




Quantum physics


through complicated mathematical calculations and experiments with particle accelerators,

has predicted the probability that the universe is an energy membrane and consequently it would be flat. It follows that if the Universe were an energy membrane:

even what is contained in it should correspond to the substance of which the Universe is composed.


everything could be as flat as the membrane of energy that makes up the universe, listening to the opinions that want to contradict science,

and not being able to get out of the way of the planet to ascertain its shape in person:

I have to stick to the mathematical demonstrations and believe the information of those who have personally ascertained the real shape of the Earth.


But since: I listen to individuals conclude their considerations relating to the planet, in part: based only on fantasy,

I throw myself into my personal consideration; taken from the observation of the return of the Orion space capsule, which you can see in the previous article.



that I am aware that the objectives and the distortions caused by the atmosphere can interfere with the optical effect obtained when viewing the documentary.

opinion: the earth’s crust and the atmosphere are attached to the walls of a funnel by centrifugal force; and held back by the force of gravity.





A funnel in space


Caused by the mass of a very gentle black hole, in space-time matter, which retains all the material;

by the force of gravity resulting from the deformation of space-time matter, caused by the mass of the very kind black hole. escape velocity from its gravity,

which turns out to be 40,000 km / h. It follows: that I consider to place my feet on a membrane composed of energy;

that by encountering gravity, caused by the mass of the earth’s black hole in space: it transforms into physical matter,

like the beings that live there.As if everything you touch: it is in orbit around the very kind black hole.I can consider it a black hole because:

The core of the earth is unreachable by its force of gravity and the existing pressure that would crush everything.

And it is its core, which I consider the gentle black hole, which holds all the material. including the atmosphere, in its orbit.




Why do I support this hypothesis?


Because from the documentary:

you can see that the space capsule is in a funnel for a few seconds, for some an optical effect, but only after entering the atmosphere does the vision change .

The capsule: it appears that you are landing on an irregular sphere, the planet; noticing the moment of entry into the atmosphere:

you will notice that the atmosphere appears as a semicircular wall and vertical to the horizon.

While from space the Earth appears round because you can only observe the matter in orbit around the black hole;

i.e. the membrane of energy that completely envelops the black hole; and entered into interaction with the gravity force of the black hole,

very gentle, and the centrifugal force resulting from its speed of rotation on itself: it transforms into physical matter.

two forces, but surely many others from the black hole interact with the energy membrane that gives rise to Earth.

The theory wants to show that they are right: either those who consider the Earth round, or those who see it flat.




Theory considerations Planet Earth


existence, and all living beings:

they are a membrane of energy that can take on different physical forms or structures by means of quantum alterations and probabilities;

generated in space-time matter by other bodies visible or invisible to naked eye or with radio telescopes. I was afraid of offending the terrapiattisti

and I was right to worry; thank you, but don’t exaggerate with your imagination, because otherwise you will become comic and not supporters of a singular probability.

that distance them from the core of the black hole. Finding: But this is not possible because, in my theory:

I consider the earth and all that is contained in it a membrane of energy, in orbit around the very black hole;

and if the oceans were adjacent to the nucleus: they would be immediately sucked in. I ask myself a question:




Why? Do you need an escape speed of 40,000 kilometers


per hour to exit the Earth’s gravitational field?

While in a massive black hole you need a speed higher than that of light, about: 300,000 km per second, because

the black hole that keeps the membrane of the planet in orbit earth has a mass much less than that of a massive black hole;


but also because the terrestrial membrane has not entered the horizon of the events of the very kind black hole;

and therefore: the force of gravity, which you encounter in fleeing from it, is much lower than that of a massive black hole.This theory,

as well as to agree: both those who see the earth flat and those who consider it round, maintains : that all the bodies of space,


that you name planets and also the galaxies, are membranes of energy that orbit around black holes of different masses.

In essence what I observe The force of gravity comes from the ripple formed, in space-time matter, by the mass of a planet.

therefore the force of gravity is not the planet or the planet, but in the rippling of space-time matter caused by the mass of the spatial body.


It follows that we cannot be attracted to the nucleus of the planet but to the ripple that it forms in space-time matter, that is:

the mass, the speed of rotation of the space body on orbit around the sun: ripple the space-time matter that generates the gravitational wave,

which is transmitted in the its field of interaction.Therefore the spatial body does not possess and does not generate gravitational force but


it is generated by its mass and its speed in the universe that ripple space. For this reason: I assume that the earth’s crust,

and all that it it contains: they are an energy membrane that orbits in the ripple generated, by the mass and speed of the space body,

in space-time matter. (space time: the space considered, erroneously: empty, of the Universe).