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How would you save the planet?

Meditating many years to find a real solution to the planet: from my studies it appeared that it is not enough to decrease pollution and convert the industry



 Save the planet?



By means of the separate, the reduction of harmful gas emissions for the atmosphere; and the birth of green industries:

the powerful of the earth are attempting to save the planet from global warming and air and water pollution.


With the collaboration of all citizens of the world we can achieve excellent results both for the environment and for the quality of human life.

But after reviewing some of my research in astrophysics and having consulted the books of the oldest peoples we know:

I understood that what is happening to planet Earth is not a surprise, but in the past: the terrestrial globe has borrowed its climate other times over time.


In addition to ascertaining that the ancient specimens of the human species knew different solutions from those we consider necessary today.

Necessary because man has understood that he has polluted the planet out of all proportion and tries to run for cover even if

behind the scenes of all old and new industries there is only the economic system that always plays the most important role for humanity in the new millennium.


What precautions would I take? After analyzing the situation of the present life system of the human species and the scientific reality

that describes the nature of planet Earth and the planets around it?



How would you save

the planet?


This article

it is in the Ambiguous Humanity

category as it cannot be considered scientific because it is founded

on my theories born from the union of scientific and spiritual research as well as from conjectures that only science can analyze and consider.

The displacement of the Moon that moves away from its Earth orbit of 3.8 centimeters per year: is underestimated.

Like the gravitational interaction that can occur with that of the planet Earth.


In fact, it moves the oceans through the moon phases with the high and low sea, as well as having noticed that at the passage of asteroids near the planet:

earthquakes, tsunamis, the reawakening of volcanoes, the occurrence of violent storms and the sudden drop or increase in temperatures occur.



Even the terrestrial globe changes

its magnetic field every year and this phenomenon could also be connected to the movements of its natural satellite.

It is also necessary to refer to the last ice age that ended between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago therefore, the current era:

it could be the end of the thaw and be at the height of temperatures.


Since the greenhouse effect does not allow infrared rays from the sun to exit the atmosphere after bouncing off the planet:

the temperature of the globe is destined to rise due to the strong presence of infrared rays on Earth that melt the remaining glaciers

collaborating in raising temperatures.


The ozone hole, which alternates and widens and shrinks: causes too many ultraviolet rays from the sun to enter the atmosphere.

They too will overheat the planet further causing some areas of the planet to dry up and floods in other territories.




How would you save

the planet?


But what role does man play

in all this mechanism of the Earth?


By studying the men of the past I discovered that they paid close attention to the natural phenomena of the planet and the movement of space bodies.

In addition to observing and memorizing the natural phenomena that occurred in their territories of belonging:

the movement of the waters and the movement of the Moon.


The prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad: they were, perhaps, also the first physical and psychological stars in the history of humanity.

In fact, it was enough to know the high and low tides to cross the Red Sea on foot and find protection from the enemy when the high tide returned.

(In the time of Moses: the Red Sea was shallower than today)


To many it seemed a magic what Moses did with his people but it was only his knowledge of natural phenomena

of the sea and the Moon which allowed him to save him.

So I assume that more than the planet: humanity should think about saving itself, also because some human phenomena are connected to the climate.

If what I say can make you smile: I have lived some experiences in which I had to admit this truth


So I assume that more than the planet: humanity should think about saving itself, also because some human phenomena are connected to the climate and the earth’s crust.

If what I say can make you smile: I have lived some experiences in which I had to admit this truth.

What I am referring to are episodes found in sacred books in which some human behavior is held responsible for cataclysms on the planet.




What happened in the time of Noah

with the flood that flooded the inhabited lands destroying many populations was connected to the idolatry of his people.

This phenomenon also occurred in the period in which Moses lived with many misfortunes that struck Egypt.

Even in some monotheistic schools today a phenomenon analogous to idolatry occurs, that is, the association of divinities created by man to the only entity that started life.


The places most affected by catastrophic events are in fact those where there is a majority of individuals practicing different traditional rites

in honor of the idols invented by man as those who worship satan: which is simply an excuse to unload one’s responsibility on a non-existent and invisible entity.


When we initially know that it is our curiosity that drags us into the most ambiguous experiences and our desires.

But after we understand our intention, we pretend that we know nothing and have been tempted or manipulated by someone to release the guilt.





How would you save

the planet?


But, at this point, you will ask me:

just throw away the figurines to save the planet?



No, it is not a sculpture problem, it is a psychological problem linked to idolatry that supposes to get what it wants through

idols of stone, plaster, wood and marble created by man who have no power other than what you give them by serving them.


This idolatrous intention and action compromises the normal brain function that manages will and awareness.

And it is for these reasons that, even some monotheistic schools: they associate the singularity, which started life, with inventions born of their imagination.


This psychological situation compromises the balance of human social life which instead of setting its behavior on its abilities and on the uniqueness of the origin of the whole:

It sets its existence on the ostentation of itself, on the fear of poverty, loneliness and death.


Fears that distract the human mind and enslave it to mere conjecture, money and the mentality of delegating third parties to solve personal problems.

This mental habit inherent in serving idols, which today can be of various kinds: money, games, entertainment, sex, luck, women, men, cars, well-being, etc.


In addition to the spiritual idolatry expressed in many cultures including satanic ones: it generates an ambiguous behavior of the subjects who are totally immersed in their adoration.

The result is not difficult to observe because it is enough to look at what is happening in the world of international news.


Why. in fact most of humanity is blinded by the three fundamental fears of man, loneliness, death and poverty; and from everything he loves unnecessarily

because created by man and his imagination and then associated with the truth of his existence which makes him carefree in front of his environment and himself.


I don’t want to argue that there is anything to despise in existence; it is the attitude with which we consider each phenomenon to be important for our psychology.

In order not to find ourselves locked in a passion that erases ourselves, for the fear of losing it considering it indispensable for our life.


It follows that I would save humanity before thinking about the planet by giving it back its freedom to work with a cost of living adequate for everyone.

Leaving her the opportunity to express herself in her wits as happened until the last century instead of monopolizing her skills.


A problem that requires time to be solved

and that relating to human intelligence, in fact: today only 2% of the world population

has an intellectual quid that exceeds the average

While 35% have an intellectual quid that falls within the average and 63% of the world population still remains with an intellectual quid below the average.

This phenomenon implies the application of the current economic system, in fact: if people had all the same percentage,

Intellectually, even the economic system would be forced to change its commercial parameters.

Problem that will be solved through the intellectual evolution of the human species, which will perhaps employ

a few thousand years to achieve balanced intellectual development among the population.



While for planet Earth I believe

that there is no problem that intimidates him because the Earth has always undergone changes since it was formed

while I believe it is essential that humanity take climate change into consideration to move away from areas at risk of landslides, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes.


To save his species from serious phenomena when sea levels rise and gravitational interactions will begin to change more.

As for the lunar phenomenon: I have not yet found confirmation of its total detachment from Earth’s orbit.


While its removal continues slowly and will cause a gradual shift of the terrestrial waters towards the poles.

But it is not the end because the human species has always managed to adapt.




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