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Coronavirus: prevention

If the body is healthy and without vitamin or mineral deficiencies it can deal with any disease with more energy



Personal advice to prevent the virus


to be observed daily


Supplement vitamin C

with oranges or lemons eat cauliflower and apples

Supplement vitamins and minerals with a pharmaceutical supplement.

Avoid pork sausages and processed meats such as veal and lamb

Drink lots of water with lemon juice

Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the drinks too

If possible add red chilli to foods.




Raw onions are slightly antibiotic

and disinfect the blood.

Avoid alcohol and highly processed foods limit coffee

Take excellent quality lactic ferments to cleanse the intestines and strengthen the immune system



Keep a bottle of Amuchina handy

and wash your hands and body by adding a few drops of amuchina to the water.

The human body reacts to all diseases by repairing itself if it is in an ideal condition to face the disease.

For those with physical abilities, at least one day of fasting per week is recommended.

The information is personal and the methods applied only to my body therefore do not replace the advice of your doctor but can help you.



For the quiet of my psychology

I need to focus on this principle:

Until the hour of destiny comes: no one from here will move and when it has arrived: no one will stop it.