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Allam Cristiano Magdi: egyptian crusader

At the Lord Nelson Pub Restaurant in Chiavari on Monday 13 January 2020 at 7 pm Cristiano Allam will present his literary masterpiece; reservations at 0185 302595



In Chiavari in the province of Genoa

Christian Allam The Egyptian crusader



Presentation of the Christian Allam book “stop Islam” at the Lord Nelson Pub in Chiavari.

A question that keeps bouncing in my mind is what its anti-Islamic preaching is for in the West

but above all because he does not turn to his country of origin to have it converted, since Italy is not Islamic but Christian: it does not need such anti-religious advertisements.

But probably the Egyptian political journalist and his manager do not like the peace and professional collaboration of Muslims in Italy.

So to get ratings and certainly votes, for some political party: try to defame Islam and to tease the Middle Eastern culture present in Italy.

It follows that the intention of the anti-Islam popularizations: they instigate violence and terrorism.



Are you a convert to Islam?

Absolutely not.

I do not allow myself to defame other cultures to prove that I am a saint, let alone allow myself to do it with a religion or in the name of a God.

I don’t try to accuse someone for not feeling guilty and for getting citizenship in another country or for finding work and luck.

I am Italian born in Italy to Catholic parents and atheists at the same time, so you can imagine what culture;

and I understood that my education will remain that learned even though I have known and experienced other very interesting and instructive cultures.

One day I will be asked why I have given this example instead of another better one and I don’t want to find myself unprepared to answer.




An important rebuke

I have always been very afraid of offending people’s faith and I have studied many years to discern what terrorism is and what the Islamic religion is.

I do not allow myself to present myself as a Catholic nor as a Muslim because in both cases I would give an incorrect example.

So I feel responsible for warning you that what you are doing is just defaming a spiritual culture.

Maybe some Italian politician has convinced you that you would have got everything you want if you defame and defame your relatives.


My opinion on Cristiano Allam


Egyptian essayist, journalist and politician born on April 22, 1952 in Cairo in Egypt naturalized Italian; unfortunately entrusted to the Catholic nuns as a child.

That brainwashed him with Catholicism, so he cannot perfectly understand the Islamic faith in order to judge it

like I cannot become an Islamic because he was born in Italy with an education very different from the Islamic one.

But not only: he continued his studies at the Salesian college of Don Moroni to complete the brainwashing.

At 20 years of age he receives a scholarship that allows him to graduate sociology and to start defaming the Islamic religion without even knowing it.

He joined the National Alliance and Brothers of Italy in 2014 where he became a member of the party bureau.




Christian Allam: What remains ambiguous?


Why a right-wing politician fights the right, in fact the policy of Islamic culture tends to the right and in Italy is instead supported by the center left.

While she, who is on the right, does not consider the phenomenon and fights the same ideology as the Italian politicians who belong to it.

Crazy things in a world of madmen, said an old friend of mine; are you afraid that one day: the Islamic right will take your shoes off and steal your armchair?




What did Allam Cristiano get?


The first prize that Cristiano obtained: it is the beautiful figure that has made and continues to face Italians and Muslims who are interested in peace and collaboration.

So he has already found his reward but that of his next life will be much more substantial; maybe they’ll take care of it

directly the Italian politicians, who helped him in this defamation by generating instigation to violence and terrorism.

Because Italy is one of the few countries in the world that manages to live in harmony with everyone; so I don’t see any valid reason,

if not those mentioned in the article, for this defamation continues against Islam.

Even if, after: they melt in tears of justice for what caused their choices; in fact when a country does not have anti-Semitism problems:

I don’t see the need to generate it just to appear, to get the excellent salary and the government chair.



A question to Cristiano Magdi Allam


Why? Instead of Islam, which does not belong to it, does it not deal with the scandals generated by the Catholic Church and some decisions taken by the pontiff?

What I consider wrong is to generalize as a journalist tends to do because this indicates that he has no knowledge on the subject.

What is called terrorism should not be confused with spirituality and religious culture because each individual privately experiences his connection with the Most High.

What happens between the subject and spirituality cannot be observed or judged.

When I listen or read information that generalizes a culture: I understand that that culture is not studied and much less experienced,

therefore it cannot be judged, above all: if you are aware that terrorism is only a political instrument

and economic while spirituality knows neither money nor the party.

Unfortunately: incompetence is what is most appreciated in Italy today, because those who compete: from annoyance and therefore: they will let you say until they want otherwise.



What is defamation?

The will to discredit or offend the reputation of a culture, religion, politics, people or person; considered an offense punishable by the penal code which entails the payment of a deposit for civil compensation.


What is instigation?

It consists in suggesting a line of thought that generates hatred and resentment towards a culture, people or person, to the point of stimulating violence.




Allam Al Lord Nelson Pub in Chiavari

Presentation of the Christian Allam book “stop Islam”

But in Italy everything makes a show

and we witness his; an applause.

Together with Magdi Allam the territorial circle of the Brothers of Italy “Terre dell’Entella” will hold their show with the participation of

Alex Molinari and Andrea Marrone on January 13, 2020 at 7 pm at the public venue:

Lord Nelson Pub in Chiavari in the province of Genoa, in the Ligurian Riviera.

Private street parking and all services for the disabled;

in Corso Valparaiso 112 in Chiavari 16043 (Genoa)

telephone 0185 302595



Personal observation

I have experienced some experiences that confirm the validity of Islamic spiritual culture, even though I argue that it cannot be applied to a policy because it would transform it into a dictatorship.

So I will compare the information of Allam Cristiano Magdi with mine to understand the middle way and the problems that exist in the Islamic world.

But that I cannot deny or confirm because I have always lived in Italy and I have never tried the Islamic side of Allam Magdi.

From my experiences I performed an experiment on myself that I entitled the right way, published in the category human spirituality,

but still on a personal and subjective condition.

I hope to be able to combine the information transmitted by Cristiano to obtain a more complete result.

Allam Cristiano Magdi in Chiavari


Why don’t you trust the information?

Because I have noticed that information tends to manage public, political and economic opinion rather than to educate peoples about the truth.

Although I understand that otherwise it would not be commercial and a journalist: he must also eat.

It follows that information is forced, enclosed in a system; I also know the technical difference between:

publish articles with unpleasant words, to the psychology of the human species, and other appropriate ones.


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