Human Ambiguity

Aliens news: Anki challenges the plot

Anki believes he destroyed the Udug space base but the utukki plot holds unexpected surprises


Science and fiction legend


The conspiracy 


Anki and the Anunnaki fleet are satisfied with the operation ordered by the general with which the Udug base was destroyed.

But Anki is not aware of what the utukku alien comanadante who spent a few days on the planet put in place

by implanting micro chips in the brains of some humans.




Etana has returned to the planet

to remove the microprocessor from the brains of some important NASA offices and superpowers.

The work is almost finished, all the subjects have been freed but in the meantime a virus that exterminates humans is unleashed in a remote area of ​​the planet.

We are in February of the Gregorian year 2020

the new year began just over a month ago, but with a nasty surprise: many humans have already passed away

because of a virus escaped from a mysterious laboratory.




Etana receives a call from Udug

as he is preparing to return to the Nibbur space station.

Udug) General !? Where does he run in all this haste? Don’t you remember the pact between us?

Etana) You ?! Is he still alive ?! Commander Udug?

Udug) Not only me but also my fleet is alive, you only hit the spatial structure that contained humans for experimentation.

Etana) Where are you hiding? How did you manage to escape Anki?

Udug) We never left except humans and two utukku pilots but you don’t want to look for us because you are vulnerable to my virus

who will exterminate humans to make this planet more spacious for everyone, see how selfless I am? I also think of you.

Udug) Thank you, general, for helping me find collaboration between space agencies and some presidents,




Anki is truly obnoxious and selfish

it certainly does not have its kind alien heart.

Etana) If Anki finds out that I have helped her, a sad fate awaits me.

Udug) An Anunnaka crying over spilled milk? I wasn’t expecting it! Especially from a general, but stay with us so you don’t have to fear anything.

Etana) Anki is not stupid will make her pay for his plot and if I stay with her I will pay as a traitor like her.

Udug) I just have to wish you a good continuation and we’ll hear from you, I have a soft spot for you General.

Etana) No it is possible! This is the last conversation that I allow you, you had not warned me of your strategic plans, I pass and I close.

Udug) What a bad temper these Anunnaki have, how much violence, how unsocial.



Etana restarts from Cape Canaveral

with a Space X launcher and a mini shuttle to return to the Anunnaki space station.

She must prepare a report of what happened as long as she risks being degraded to a mere officer for helping Udug.

And unbeknownst to him, he endangered the human and anunnaki species that tried to save themselves from extinction through humans and the planet Earth.



Etana returns to the space base

Etana) General I am hanging on to the station I have a long relationship to present to you prepare your spirit in a few minutes I will be with you.

Anki) In fact I had a nightmare, in the rest period, maybe it was a presentiment.

Etana) It is much more than a nightmare, what I have to tell you; something went wrong, we were too convinced not to be wrong; after hooking up, open the tailgate.

Anki) Tell me general: what happened so tragic?

Etana) Udug contacted me before I returned to Earth he wanted to find friendships among the offices of some governments, in space agencies and I

let carry by my sensitivity so I betrayed the empire and put the human species at risk

Udug is still alive on the planet with its fleet, the laser has hit only the space structures used for laboratories that contained humans.

Anki) So we made two mistakes but we don’t have judges who can condemn us so we’ll try to understand what our mistake wants to teach us.

Etana) Well! Let’s start by stopping to believe ourselves right, perhaps the belief of not making mistakes has ruined us.

Anki) It is believed to be a good start; where is Udug and the Utukku fleet?

Etana) I was unable to locate him, contact the ambassador; e: thanks for your understanding, I didn’t believe

that his icy heart could end with so much genius.

Anki) In fact I have not yet finished; don’t get too excited!

Anki) Ambassador we have a problem contact me on the emergency line as soon as he can locate Udug

is hidden somewhere on the planet we have the frequency of your last contact, I send you the data.



the Ambassador of Anki)

Udug is located in the Far East of the planet, but is hidden in a structure near a kindergarten and a hospital;

not far away there are deposits of chemicals and fuels.

I have heard of the virus, which is decimating humanity, it does not attack animals although some will become healthy carriers of the disease.

Some industries have purchased the monopoly of seeds, transforming them genetically to sterilize them;

thus, also vegetable nutrition: it is at risk like animal nutrition.

A commander of your fleet was discharged from the air force because of secret information

relating to human and alien contracts between space agencies.

It will soon be transferred to your Nibbur space station for a new mission beyond the solar system, by decision of NASA’s high office.

At the south pole, in the coldest part of the planet, temperatures varying between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius have been recorded

The Thwaites glacier worries about its thawing: the oceans could rise by about three meters.

Probably: the explosion, which occurred by Udug in Antarctica, increased the greenhouse effect that does not allow the infrared rays of the sun

to get out of the atmosphere after bouncing on the planet, causing further overheating of the waters.

That’s all for now if I receive new information: you will be warned, I’ll pass and close.


Science and fiction legend