Human Ambiguity

Alarm for the peoples of the sea

After the last phenomenon due to overheating of the south pole: 18.3 ° centigrade: I feel compelled to warn all populations near the seas



Important topic

Protect sea areas



In the first examination I believe that a valid solution to protect countries bordering the Mediterranean is

to build a dam, with Dutch technology, on the Strait of Gibraltar and on the Suez Canal.

In order to prevent the rise of the oceans, expected with the increase in temperatures, from flooding the cities located on the coasts.




February 6 2020

temperatures of about 18 degrees were recorded in the Argentine Antarctic Peninsula at the Base Esperanza scientific station

From February 1971 the maximum temperatures reached 14.1 degrees centigrade, in February 2013 it touched 13.8 degrees, while it touched 17.5 degrees in March 2015.




The main concern

it is the melting of the Thwaites glacier which is about the size of Great Britain.

Scientists predict the oceans rising by about three meters which endangers all the geographical areas bordering the seas.

My concern is also generated by the summer phase of the north pole, which awaits us in a few months; as the south pole is the coldest area on the planet.

With temperatures reaching 89 degrees below zero on Vostok base while the Arctic pole is getting hotter.




One of the main causes

which generates the overheating of the planet Earth is due to the infrared rays of the sun which cannot

get out of the atmosphere, after bouncing on the planet, due to the greenhouse effect.

In my opinion an irreversible phenomenon because not only due to pollution but also to continuous overheating.

Also generated by external factors such as the Moon moving 3.8 centimeters away from its orbit around the Earth.

That would cause a shift of water from the equator to the poles.




The salvable must be saved

before it’s too late, before those who close the stables after the oxen have escaped.

For this reason, I believe it is important to warn all states bordering the Mediterranean to intervene with works that make people safe.

Notice sent to all populations on Earth to prevent flooding caused by rising oceans.




I appreciate the work of the astronauts

and their efforts but I consider important: to warn the space agencies so that the salvable on Earth can be saved

this concept applies to all industries that consider my opinion important.

Dams with Dutch technology must be built to protect the Mediterranean and all areas that allow it.